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About Me

I love what I do

I develop and design websites and apps that help businesses grow. I strive to create an outstanding user centered  development and design to make an impact and bring innovation to every project. I am passionate about communication and human interactions. My ability to quickly grasp and understand the needs of the business and users allows me to create exceptional products and find solutions that create a perfect blend of art, design and technology. I have 3 years of experience managing and shipping in developing and designing   solutions which increased visibility and revenue as well as raised organizations to a new level of efficiency.

"Experience trumps all. Context -> Content -> Development - > Design"

With my experience and skills, I take what might seem like very vague ideas and turn them into unique and engaging experiences that not only meet the business requirements but also the end users true desires.

I love to take complex design requests simplifying them into easy, common sense solutions. My expertise is primarily based in  Java, Spring, Hibernate, MVC frameworks, Mobile UI Design,JavaScript Frameworks, Creative Consultation and Brand Development. I excel in finding top-notch usability and design solutions for clients and products by utilizing an array of skill-sets, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS,  WordPress, GitHub  and many others.

There is a deep need within me to help people feel good. I hope to do so by cultivating beautiful intuitive experiences.

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